Western Red Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar is famed for its extraordinary beauty, natural durability and dimensional stability. It exudes warmth, thanks to its richly textured, tactile grain and palette of mellow colour tones, which vary from light amber to dark reddish brown. It also retains its characteristic cedar fragrance, and this subtle aroma adds another dimension to its appeal.

Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that act as preservatives to give the wood exceptional durability which, combined with its tendency to lie flat and remain straight in service, make it particularly well suited for many applications. It is the ideal choice for cladding, soffits and fascia, decks, fences and screens, roof shingles and shakes, greenhouses, outdoor furniture and much more.

Indoors, Western Red Cedar’s excellent dimensional stability makes it perfectly suited to high moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, swimming pools and saunas.

It’s also light in weight, easy to handle and work with and cedar’s freedom from pitch and resin enables it to accept and retain finishes well. It also provides a high degree of thermal and sound insulation.

These attributes have allowed Western Red Cedar to gain an unparalleled worldwide reputation for outstanding performance in a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

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